NAS1921C05S09U Blind Rivet Mfg: Huck Condition: New Surplus


Blind Rivet

Mfg: Huck

Condition: New Surplus

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Model: NAS1921C05S09U New Surplus


  • Fastener Length: 0.711 inches maximum
  • Head Style: Flush (flat) countersunk (included angle – less than 135 deg w or w/o chamfer)
  • Shank Diameter: 0.156 inches nominal
  • Shank Style: Self-plugging mechanically locked stem
  • Head Major Diameter: 0.282 inches minimum and 0.290 inches maximum
  • Expansion Device: Serrated stem-type w
  • Grip Length: 0.501 inches minimum and 0.562 inches maximum
  • Countersink Angle: 99.0 degrees minimum and 101.0 degrees maximum
  • Special Features: “u”designates rivet utilizing drive anvil washer as part of rivet assembly; washer allows the use of blunt-nosed installation tooling
  • Material: Iron alloy 660 overall
  • Material Specification: Ams5737 assn std single material response overall
  • Surface Treatment: Passivate overall
  • Surface Treatment Specification: Qq-p-35 fed spec single treatment response overall

Mfg: Huck

Condition: New Surplus

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